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Water damage can occur from a variety of sources and the resulting affects on your home or business can quickly move from a minor problem to a major one.  ServiceMaster By Bouck has the expertise to handle any time of water emergency.   Our expert trained crews and state of the art equipment can mean the difference in thousands of dollars of additional repairs and damage.  Time is of the essence when dealing with a water emergency.  The longer water and trapped moisture is present, the more damage occurs.  Porous materials such as carpet, drywall, wood, or other building materials soak up water and even travel upwards causing swelling, buckling, warping, and delamination.  High humidity levels can even damage areas thought not to be directly affected by the water.  Mold and bacterial growth can start to form within hours depending on the water source and if proper mitigation is not started quickly.

Protect your family and investments by making the call to ServiceMaster By Bouck.  We will help you through your loss and get your home or business back to normal – fast.  We are insurance company recommended and as a preferred vendor for most of the major insurance companies, our billing process can be much less of a hassle for you.  Most times, we can submit your claim electronically and drastically speed up the claim process getting you back to normal much faster.

In a water damage emergency, here are some helpful suggestions:





If leak is from a water line break – SHUT OFF valve or turn off water main.


 DO NOT ENTER a room with standing water until after the electricity has been turned off.

 Remove loose carpets/rugs that are wet from the area.


Do not use a regular household vacuum to extract water.

Remove photos, breakables, paintings, papers from the affected area to a safe dry place.


Do not remove tacked down carpet without professional help.

Lift draperies off the floor – loop through a coat hanger and hand on the drapery rod.


Do not use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or flooring.

Remove wet area rugs or loose floor coverings – do not attempt to remove your wall-to-wall carpet.  Blot up as much water as possible with towels/mops.


Do not disturb visible mold.

Call a plumber and ServiceMaster By Bouck.



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