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We have all encountered mold from time to time as mold exists naturally in the environment. Bathrooms, showers, basements/crawlspaces, stale foods, are all places that mold can, and often does exist in one degree or another. Many species of mold exist and have varying effects on people; however, molds have some common characteristics:  molds thrive in moist and humid environments, molds require an organic food source – a common one is cellulose (found in drywall and wood), molds are spread by microscopic airborne particles called spores.

Mold and mold spores are naturally present in the outdoor environment and all around us. Indoor mold should be in similar types and quantities as outdoor mold.  Indoor mold can become a tenacious problem if left unchecked. Mold spreads rapidly and produces an unpleasant musty odor.  Mold can cause discoloration and structural damage to building materials and if left to spread, can result in costly damages to your property and can have health consequences.

The best defense against mold is identifying and eliminating sources of water intrusion and starting a rapid drying process quickly. Antimicrobial application and other professional mitigation methods can curtail the spread of mold.  If mold has already become a problem, professional mold remediation can be completed to ensure that the mold problem is handled properly so that your home or business can return to it’s desired use and condition. If you suspect mold in your home or business, call ServiceMaster By Bouck and we will help determine the best course of action for you.  Initial assessments are free.


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